Hot Line Clamp

Hot Line Clamp
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Competitive Advantages: Well and High Quality Control
  • Sales Method: Export
Product Specifications:1. HC500 series clamps are available in a variety of types
for every contact combination. The purpose of the
fortified plating (where indicated) is to back up the
inhibiting compound to prevent galvanic corrosion and
weathering attacks.
2. AA (aluminum to aluminum) clamps have heat-treated
aluminum bodies with fortified plating on the jumper
3. AGP (aluminum general purpose) clamps are coated with a
high density fortified plating, so that they can be
used on all connections - aluminum to copper, aluminum
to aluminum, copper to aluminum and copper to copper.
4. AC (aluminum main line and copper tap) clamps have
heat-treated aluminum bodies and high-strength copper
alloy terminals fitted with tin plated copper washers.
5. CC (copper to copper) clamps are copper alloy and are
recommended for copper-to-copper connections.
6. GP (general purpose) clamps are copper alloy with
fortified plating and are used for copper and aluminum

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